Pop-up with Feedback Master - problem with hide [this layer]


I want to use a Feedback Master to create a pop-up with a close button.
I have put a trigger hide [this layer] when user click.

Then, I have created a new slide, added a layer and used this pop-up layout. But when I click on the close button, nothing happens.

Is there another solution to do this ?

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Praveen Dixit

HI Ludovic M,

You just need to add two triggers, Below is the list.

      1. On hide this layer trigger put another trigger which is Jump to next slide.

      2. On New slide show layer (New layer) when timeline start that particulate slide.

Hope, it will be helpful to you. If not please upload a same Story file with dummy content.

Emily Ruby

Hello Ludovic,

Thanks you for sharing the file. You would need to use the built in buttons on the feedback master to be able to Hide a layer within the slides. You had the trigger set within the master, to hide the layer, but this would need to be set up in the slide itself, when you apply the layout to the layer.

Attached is an updated file for reference.