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I found out that there is a difference between the portrait view for tablets and for phones. In the tablet portrait view the next and previous buttons aren't visable and in the phone portrait view it is? (see the attachments) What could be the problem with this? Is this an articulate 360 problem or something in our template.

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Dominique Stolk

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Dominique Stolk


The buttons are in the player and the pictures are of the same slide. It was published in review 360. And we even tried it with our own template and without any template. If you remove the text behind the next and previous button in the player function "text labels ", than the arrows aren't shown in the tablet portrait view, but it is shown in the phone portrait view. And this  is the issue no matter what type of template I use. I even tried adding an arrow, but than you get a double arrow in the tablet view. We only want the arrow in all the different views.

So I think something is going wrong with the tablet portrait view in the classic player. Because I also tried the same thing but than in the Modern player and than the issues isn't there. Than there is a arrow in the tablet portrait view. So I think it is a storyline problem.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dominique,

Thanks for clarifying. Can you shed more light on why you're removing the text labels from the player? With the modern player and the latest update of Storyline 360, build 3.29.19305, they only show as arrow buttons and don't have the words associated with them. 

I did look at removing the text labels for the Next button and published again to Review. While I was testing that link on my iPhone XR, I still saw the Next/Previous buttons throughout the course in Portrait and Tablet mode. Since I'm not seeing the same setup as you mentioned, could you share a link to your course with me so that I can test it? Also, let me know what mobile devices you're testing on so I can try to recreate there! 

Also, I'm curious how did you add another arrow into the player?