Position of objects different when viewing timeline video vs. published video in SL 360

Using Storyline 360, I have created a screen recording of an application and placed rectangular objects on top of the fields on the screen to highlight the fields as they are mentioned in the audio portion of the video. When I view the video and timing of the objects appearing and disappearing, they look fine when I view them via the timeline. When I go to preview the slide in the player, the objects are shifted slightly and no longer line up with the fields. Has anyone else seen this happen? I'd appreciate any assistance.

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Therese Cormack

I resolved my issue by resizing the video window slightly to match up the objects again. Still doesn't explain why there was a difference when viewing it on the timeline and in the player but at least I have resolved it for now. Fortunately I had a copy from before I made some changes and was able to resize it by looking at the previous version.