Positioning multiple stops at the same location when using motion path

I'm trying to position stop points for my motion path items (1-7) so they all end up at the same location so when I go to the layer it is also in the same location.  File attached.

Is there an accurate way of doing this.  Eye-balling can be eye-straining.

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Tim Shelton

So after having a play with your file an motion paths... I can say that no there is not a simple way to define start and end points, by number for example.

The way I found useful which I use for other things in story line is to use other objects as markers. In your case you could leave a square box in which all end states must fit or do as I did and duplicate one of your circles put it where you want the others to end and match it up.

When in the motion path view it ghosts the start/end target circle when selected. So you just match it up to your markers but make sure the motion path has yellow and red handles not green and red as this means the points can be moved separately rather moving both at once.