Positioning of ScreenGrab: Try it mode

Aug 20, 2012

If this has been asked before, I apologize, I did a search and found nothing but might not have searched by the right parameters.

When I do a Record Screen, if I insert it as a video on one slide, I'm able to resize and position that video where and how i want.   Perfect!

But when I insert it as a Try Mode, i get a ugly white border (i know it is filling out the part of the sldie not used by the ScreenRecord), and i'm unable to move the images, i'm unable to see my slide master.  These Try Modes stick out like a sore thumb in my courses.  I've taken my master slides into photoshop, cut a hole in the middle where the Screenshots are and inserted them as frames.  This works but it' stupid solution IMO.

And what if i don't want my Try Mode interaction to be front and center on my slide?  I can't move it.

Am i missing some checkbox or button somewhere???? I hope so

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M. Bosscher

By default, background graphics are hidden when inserting a screen recording (except when inserted as a video). To show the background graphics, just select all the screen recording slides from the Story View tab and do a right-click. Select Format Background > Fill and uncheck the "Hide background graphics" check box.

Thanks for protecting me from myself Storyline.

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