Positioning screen-grabs in Try it mode


When I record in Try it mode, Storyline places the screen grabs smack in the middle of my slides, and does not let me move the screen grabs around (they are not clickable, as if I had placed them in a slide master).

I actually need the screen grabs to be located on the left side of my slides, in order to leave plenty of valuable space on the right side of the slides.

I saw that in the Sales Orientation demo the screen grabs indeed appear on the left, but I have no idea how they did it.

 I would really appreciate your help!



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Mike Enders


Are you doing a screen shot, or doing a screen recording?

If you're doing a screen recording, there isn't a way to move those to specific areas.  They'll be centered up like you see.  In the sample you gave, my impression is that they created this using screen shots, text entry boxes, hot spots, etc.  In other words, they did it from scratch to recreate the feel of a "try mode" interactive screen recording.


Enrico Cossutta

Hi all!

I found a way to reposition the screen recording.
After you created the slides with the whole screen recording sequence, resize the slides to a much bigger size. Later, resize the story again to the original size, cropping the area and positioning the screen recording as you desire..

Hope it helps!