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Sep 21, 2020

Hi All

I would like to reposition the cursor to a preset location when the slide timeline commences. What I am trying to overcome is the button (cursor) position on the previous slide, used to call the current slide, coincides with the position of an object on the current slide. When the current slide opens, because the cursor is hovering over the object, it immediately changes state. The user is supposed to decide on and then select the object to change the state.

any thoughts on a way to reposition the cursor when a slide opens please?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing a bit of what you are working on and the obstacle you would like to overcome.

I'm unaware of a way to move the cursor. I would assume that the user should remain in control of this behavior, otherwise they may wonder why their mouse cursor is moving around without them doing so.

A couple of potential ideas come to mind:

  • Either move the position of the button or the object on the next slide.
  • Place a transparent shape over the slide for a few seconds until you think the user may be moving the mouse around and it may no longer (naturally) be on the object directly in the same place as the previous slides button.

I'm curious to hear the ideas of others in the community that may have had a similar design requirement. 

Doug McCormick

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your reply. Moving the button isn't an option due to the slide layout. But placing a transparent shape over the buttons for 1 second works great. This allows the user take stock of the slide contents and then make a decision as to their next action.

A little lateral thinking solves the problem, thank you!

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