Possible help with blurry logo panel image

Mar 10, 2016

A lot of people have experienced the same problem of logos placed in the Player appearing “blurry” when previewed or published.  From reading the forum posts and experimenting, I have a few things that might help your situation:

• Remember that the maximum logo panel size is 200x220 pixels.  If your image is larger or smaller, the Player will scale the image as necessary.  This might introduce some artifacts.

• Locking your Player to optimal size in the Player options prevents image loss caused by the Adobe Flash (SWF) resizing your project.

• If you have graphic editing software (like Adobe Photoshop), “pad” the image with extra space so that the Player doesn't try to resize it.  If your logo is 150 pixels wide, add extra canvas space on each side to make it 200 pixels wide.  You can do the same with the height, but I’ve observed something interesting there.  It seems that using widths and heights which are multiples of 20 (such as the maximum of 200x220) have less pixellation/artifacts.

• Try using a different graphic format.  If you have the software for it, convert to a lossless image format like GIF or PNG instead of JPEG.

With my company’s logo, which we keep on file in EPS vector format, I opened it with Photoshop and had the program size it to 200 pixels wide.  Since I opened it proportionally, the height was only 81 pixels.  I upped that to 100 pixels by expanding the canvas vertically by 19 pixels.  This gave me multiples of 20 with both width and height, without having to use the maximum height of 220 pixels (and pushing the Sidebar unnaturally further down the page).  I changed the color of the background to match the Player background color, so the padded space would not be obvious.  And lastly, I saved it in GIF format and placed that version in the Player.  Looks great, and the loss of quality when scaling up to fill a browser window is minimal.

Hope this helps!

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