Possible improvements to HTML5 output

Hi everyone,

I've been using Articulate Storyline 2 for a few months now, and I've noticed what could become a major problem soon:

The support for HTML5 output is not as good as Flash, many features are missing, and the quality of images and text often suffers. 

I'm just wondering if there are plans to introduce improved HTML5 output, as there is an ongoing trend towards phasing out Flash in many browsers. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Robert,

Of course I can't speak for the Articulate developers, or what plans they may have. But I can tell you that even though HTML5 has been widely touted as the ultimate replacement for flash, it does not have the ability to do everything that flash can do. In addition, support for HTML5 for the different browsers is not always the same. I'm pretty sure that is why some of the things that we have become accustomed to in our development are not available when published to HTML5.

That being said, The ability to flash is not gone yet. Even though google has increased its security, and Adobe is making announcements that corporations must sign agreements to get the flash player, I think it will be quite awhile before it is completely pulled with all the different ways that it is still being used.

Crystal Horn

Hello Robert!  Thanks for hanging in there when facing issues with your output.  We have this article describing the blurry content issue with HTML5.

To build on what Dave shared, our team is really dedicated to improving support for HTML5 output.  We know the answer is to devote our resources to an HTML5-first/HTML5-only world, and our focus is on that very thing as we speak.

Stay tuned, and we'll be sure to notify everyone as we have new things to share.

Robert T

Thanks Dave, yes, Flash is still fine for the time being, I'm thinking more about the future when the plug does eventually get pulled on Flash.

Thank you for getting back to me Crystal. To some extent, we've managed to get around the blurry image issue by upping the project size. This causes issues with the content clipping off the page sometimes, but is generally manageable. The main issue is that certain peculiarities seem to come up when using the HTML5 output.

Like I mention above, it's not a huge issue yet, but it may be in the near future. I'm glad to hear that this is something that is being developed, are the changes likely to be in a later version of Storyline 2, or will they more likely be in Storyline 3?

Crystal Horn

We aren't able to share product roadmaps regarding features and improvements go, but certainly our goal is to get all of our products to work for you in the best ways possible.  

This white paper goes a bit further in depth about our vision for multi-device e-learning and support for HTML5 and our responsive player.

Dave Cox

That is a very interesting article Crystal. Thanks for posting it. 

I agree with what is says for the most part, and I like the idea that content would remain the same regardless of the platform. With that said, I also know from experience, that there are somethings that need to change for mobile devices, besides just the removal of the left panel. This has to do with any screen where user interaction is required. Quiz slides are a good example of this. When the user must provide input into the course, just making the screen smaller can make it very difficult for the user to interact with the content. User accessible input fields, controls, and selections must be modified for easier access on the mobile platform. This sometimes means screen content must be rearranged.

Since I've been using Storyline, I've found it to be a very flexible and robust product. Coming from using Adobe's products, I believe it is the better of the two products. I really look forward to seeing Articulates solution to these issues as we move forward. I'm sure that there will be some growing pains as we grow with the new environment. There always are. But I have confidence that whatever we end up with will continue to improve with time and experience.