Possible to create a visual performance indicator

Hi everyone,

I've just started using Storyline, so apologies if this is an often-asked or obvious question (I searched the forums, but couldn't find anything). Basically, I'm wondering if it's possible to create a visual performance indicator that  changes dynamically in response to learner responses to scenario questions?

E.g. Say we have a scenario with 5 questions. Along the bottom of the screen is a bar that fills up slightly when you get a question correct. Alternatively, if you get a question wrong, the level in the bar reduces slightly. I guess what I'm after is a 'success meter' of sorts.

Any responses would be appreciated. If there are already examples of this functionality out there, I'd love to take a look if someone had a link.

Thanks in advance

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Luke! Welcome to the community

I really like this idea and I thought I'd share some links with you that may help you accomplish this. 

Bruce Graham created a very cool demo that he posted here.

A thread from the past that was pretty active on this topic can be found here. Maybe the information here can get you started in the right direction, or you can jump into the discussion. 

I'm curious to see what you end up using for your project. If you're able to create your own example, please feel free to share!