Possible to have the default Next button assigned a different trigger on a slide layer?

I have a project with custom buttons on every slide and several slide layers. They all do different things based on the type of interaction or slide.

For example, I have the next button on the base layer that submits a quiz interaction. Then on the right and wrong answer feedback layer, that same button (although it's really the same button pasted over) does something different.

It would be easier if I could just use the default Storyline option of using the Player Next button on the base layer to submit quiz, and that same button on the slide layer would do something else (I don't want to use the pop-up window button). Just the default Next button that does different things on the same slide, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it with variables.

Is there a way to use the default Next button and assign it different tasks on the same slide?

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Erin Flage

Yes, on the Triggers panel you can create triggers that use "When user clicks" and select "Next button" as a trigger.

Is there a reason you are choosing to not use the default "Submit" button for your quiz interactions? 

Are you using the "Review results" at all? If so I have found that using modifying the default button behavior can cause issues.

Megan Creegan

Thanks Erin. I don't want to use the Submit button because I want one button that Submits and goes forward. I named it "Continue". So they would use the same button for navigation as they would for quizzing, but I want control over that same button on the same slide. So when they answer the question on the base layer, they would click "Continue" on the player to submit the answer. That would take them to the slide layer with feedback (no pop-up window). I want that same Continue button to go to the next slide.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this without custom navigation?

I currently have custom buttons and the Player buttons hidden and it works fine, but I also use the seekbar which takes a lot of space at the bottom. I'm just trying to utilize the player buttons to save screen space.

I included screenshots of what I currently have and what I want.

Megan Creegan

Yes, I have a custom set up. Custom Continue button on base layer (see screenshot of current project playbar) submits quiz, then same button on slide layer (copy of same button with trigger that on click goes to the next slide). What I want is the SL built in button to do the same thing that I already have set up with my custom buttons (one trigger on the base layer does something, another trigger on the slide layer does something else, but it's the same button).

I'm just trying to simplify the appearance of my project. I don't think my source file will help because I haven't figured out how to do this yet (which is why I'm posting here).

Thanks Leslie.

Megan Creegan

Hi Leslie, thank you so much for putting together an example. That's exactly what I've been trying to do, but it doesn't work for quiz slides for some reason. I added my own example (see quiz scene) to show you where I'm getting stuck. For the quiz example, I'm forcing the correct answer before they can continue, but if they get it correct, it doesn't show that layer, it automatically goes to the next slide instead of showing the layer.

I set up 3 slides:

1) plain text slide

2) quiz slide

3) plain text slide

I wanted to make sure that I can go back to the quiz and have everything reset back to normal (I set my variable back to "false" so they can try the question again. 

Also, I converted it to SL360 since that's what I use.

I appreciate all your help with this. Hoping you might know how I can make this work.