Possible to limit lines in a text box?

Jan 24, 2017

Hi all. Is it possible to limit the lines, or even characters, in a textbox that users type into? 

The natural response seems to be for people to hit enter when they've typed their bit which goes down onto a new line and essentially hides what they just typed.

I've looked but can't see any way, is there one?

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Luke Benfield

Hi Bruce,

If the issue is that users are typing a lot with multiple lines that are being hidden, you could try making the text entry box much larger, and then dropping that into a Scrolling Panel. That would give the user the ability to type more and scroll through what they typed.

I don't believe there is a character or line limit beyond adjusting the size of text and the text entry box to only show so many lines. 

Not sure if the Scrolling Panel solution is what you're looking for, but hope that helps.


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