possible to record scorm score without quiz?

I'm converting some content by importing video clips into storyline and publishing as scorm, but there are no quizzes. Well, a few have quizzes, but enough don't that I still need a solution. The customer is requesting that if a course has 100 slides, each slide would increment the score by 1% (using round numbers obviously). Failing that, set the score to 100% on the last page. The completion status is working correctly, but I don't see a way to hotwire a score. We're using scorm 1.2 output, but if I need to I can make a case for another version. If it's not possible natively, can I embed some javascript on the last page to do it? I've uploaded samples to scormcloud, and the score stays "unknown" even when completion changes to "Completed". Is there some trick I can do with a fake quiz maybe?

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