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Will Findlay

What I am trying to do here is play a single video file, "pause it", ask a few quiz questions, "unpause it", play it back for a while, "pause it" again, ask a few more quiz questions, and so on. If I can avoid it I would like to leave the video file as one file instead of cutting it into segments first.

Phil Mayor

That is the problem you could put one question on the slide, first create the question then add the video.  If you created the questions manually you could have more than one on a slide, but you would not be able to use the built in results slides.  Or report the score to the LMS.

Really depends on what you need.

Will Findlay

Phil Mayor said:

You can trim directly in Storyline just choose edit video and then trim

Good point - I was just hoping not to have to do "destructive" (and time consuming) video editing when this seems like a simple problem (play from a point other than the beginning). I'll request it as a feature...