Possible to style "Would you like to resume where you left off"-button?

Apr 12, 2016

I'm using storyline 2 to make an on-demand downloadable training for Teachers in Syrian so they can gain knowledge of mines and unexploded ammunition to teach their classes. We want the teachers to be able to control the most of it by themselves and therefore also want them to be able to choose whether they want to take the course from the top or go to where they were last time. 

This gives us a problem. As it is primarily accessed on smart phones the display is much smaller than a computer screen and therefore also this prompt of wanting to resume.

Is there any way this can be scaled so one is actually able to read what it says and click on the right button when one starts?

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Christoffer Bengt

Thanks for answering! I have looked at that one. A good option, but as it is there the javascript does not reset any variables, which means that there will still be many things that are shown differently from the first time.

As this is something that makes a lot of sense to incorporate when thinking about the future mobile market, I have now made a feature request on it:)

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