Post-quiz review

Aug 18, 2017

I am still having this problem since I use Storyline 360.

I am using the post-quiz review at the end of the quiz. If I use the state "Normal / Drop Correct" it is not working correct in the review. If I change the "Drop Correct" to "Correct" (which is not there by default) it is working correct. 

I have a lot of questions and will find out the correct way to use within Storyline 360.

Enclosed please find my testfile.

Thanks for your help!

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Wendy Farmer

H Karin

this is the difference I see between the files - when reviewing, the SL360 slide (left) shows the red border rectangle for a correct answer whereas the SL2 slide (right) is showing the green border rectangle for a correct answer.


what i don't see on any review slide or feedback layer or master is the trigger to change the review rectangle to 'drop correct'

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