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Gonzalo Corral Galindo

Hello Nic! 

It seems that the post quiz review layer allows you to provide feedback to the user by allowing you to add and edit audio, as well as branching out to a previous slide for the user to review. 

The text seems to appear automatically after you enable the option, you can click on the "More...." button to check these out. This is could be a way to help your user review material.  For example, you might want to branch learners to a certain slide if they get a particular question right and another slide if they get it wrong.

Here is some information on the results slide to understand how to use it is different from the quiz review: Results Slide Info.

I hope this helps! 

Rachel Horton
Hi Nic,

I use the Post-quiz review feedback layer to provide feedback for any question that is not a pre-built Storyline question (i.e. Freeform drag and drop) because when the learner gets to the Results slide and selects Review Quiz, they are unable to view the correct answer for the Freeform drag and drop. They only see what they answered and that they got it incorrect or correct.

To provide the ability to see the correct answer you can use the Post-quiz add a "Review" layer to the Freeform question slide.
  1. Go to the question slide you created using "Convert to Freeform"
  2. Go to "Form View" tab
  3. Look to the bottom to the "Feedback and Branching section"
  4. In the "Post-quiz review" field, type in any text. I typed in TEST. It doesn't matter what you type, you can delete or reformat the text box that is generated on the layer.
  5. Return to the "Slide View"
  6. You now have a layer titled "Review" which will have a text box on it with the text you typed in the post-quiz review field. You can delete that text box or reformat as desired.
  7. Preview your quiz and answer the question correctly, take a screenshot and save it.
  8. Paste the screenshot of the correct answers or however you want to communicate the drag and drop answer on the "Review" layer. Be sure to not cover up the place where their answer will be. For example, if you did a drag and drop, don't cover up the drop object where their answers will be. I used black rectangles to block out the background and frame out their answer and placed the screenshot of the correct answer next to it. See attached screenshot as an example. I left room at the bottom for the feedback caption that appears when reviewing the quiz.
  9. Now when the learner clicks the "Review Quiz" button on the Results slide, they will see this Review layer for the Freeform drag and drop question
NOTE: You will want to design your freeform slides so that there is about 35 pixels of white space at the bottom that is free of objects to accommodate the feedback caption which appears when reviewing (I.e. Correct or Incorrect caption at the bottom of the screen).

When reviewing, if you notice that the slide appears to be slightly grayed out or dimmed, you can fix this by changing the transparency of the feedback master background to 100%.
  • View » Feedback Master » Right Click on the Master Slide » Format Background » Transparency
All the best,