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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gordon,

Not quite clear on this - are you just wanting to disable the option to review the questions, or are you not wanting to give feedback when they review?

If you're referring to the results slide itself, you can delete any information you don't want your learners to see. You can remove the option to review the quiz, and simply provide the variable that displays the score. 

If that's not an option, or not what you're wanting to do, could you share a little more detail?


Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Christine,

I dug a little deeper n this since my posting and then I talked the client out of this but what they wanted to do was not show any feedback after each question, just a results slide at the end. And when I removed the correct and incorrect layers I lost the automatic next button, so it looked like I would have to manually assign it for 100 questions.