Poster Frame on Videos

Jun 28, 2012

It's been a long time since I asked this question...(and at the time I was not using videos much, and have filed the answer in "Forgotten").

I remember Dave Anderson loves them, but what is a Poster Frame on a video, how do I use them to their best advantage, and why would I want to use them?



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Steve Flowers

You know how some videos start with a black frame? If you start your slide with a paused video (a pretty good practice, by the way) you can show an alternative to this black void while the video is paused. The poster frame provides you an opportunity to show a frame from your video at the start of a paused video.

Bruce Graham

Thanks Steve - appreciated.

Most of mine start immediately upon layer, or whatever.

Let me play with this - sounds like you could have some fun here...

You could insert an image (?) that said "Can you spot the ...." or ..."There will be questions about this later"....or whatever.

I'm going to play "What's the most imaginative Poster Frame I can create".....

Just because it's deadly serious doesn't mean it has to be deadly dull


Patrick Finnegan

Poster frames are a function of the player, not the encoder. However, if you edit your video to begin with something other than a black frame, some players will use that first frame as the poster frame.

In Storyline currently, the technique of setting a poster frame in Storyline is to play the video, pause it at the image you want to use, then right click on the video and choose Export frame as picture. Then right-click again and choose Set poster frame > from File, and choose the image you just created. 

Here's a video to help explain the technique.

It would be wonderful if Articulate would add "Use current video frame" as an option for the Set poster frame menu, even if all it did was save the current frame as an image and set it as the poster frame with one click. Even better if it didn't need to create a new image file.

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