Posting Articulate content on web page not LMS

Hi all-

I have limited use with articulate but I am exploring it as a tool to build interactive, educational content for an external audience (i.e. patients) and would like it to sit on a general webpage for people to access. Are there any potential issues with this? And does anyone have any examples that I could review in a webpage to see how it responds to the user?

Thank you!!!

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Danny Quarton

Hi Meghan,

You can quite easily host the content on a standard web page - it's something we've done fairly often to allow for clients to preview content. In fact, Storyline's default publishing mode is setup for this. You would need to upload the published content to a web server and link to the story.html or story_html5.html files. (I would suggest story_html5.html as everyone is moving away from Flash).

You should be aware of one drawback though - you won't be able to track who has completed the content or how they scored on any questions, as it is an LMS that stores and keeps track of this data. A standard web page will also allow anyone to access your content - but it seems that this is what you want!

Walt Hamilton

Here's a sample of content hosted on a website.

It is hosted on Amazon's free S3 cloud. It is older and is flash-based, so you'll need to allow flash to run it. Thanks to this reminder, I'll probably update it to HTML5

Bob O'Donnell

We've also hosted story files for client's to review. Some of our government clients were unable to access the Articulate site we posted the courses for review on our own web server. We haven't experienced any user issues. It works as expected in my opinion. All files posted have been html5 format.