Potential Issue with Lightbox Slides in Course with Restricted Navigation

Nov 02, 2017

There can be an issue with lightbox slides in a course with restricted navigation. This is in Storyline 3.

On a slide that has finished playing (i.e., the timeline ended, so NEXT is enabled), if I quickly opened and closed a lightbox slide, NEXT would be disabled after I closed the lightbox. Thus, I couldn’t proceed.

I also had a slide that was programmed so NEXT wouldn’t enable until 4 buttons reached the Visited state. Each button opened a lightbox. This worked fine when previewing the course. However, the state of the NEXT button would switch to Normal (enabled) when I opened a lightbox and kept it open until after its timeline was done. I assume this was SL enabling NEXT based on the lightbox slide reaching the end of its timeline.

Note that I had all lightboxes set to open WITHOUT the navigation buttons showing.

I finally came across two ways to fix this issue:

(1) Keep the lightbox timeline very short (i.e., ¼ sec), so it’s impossible to open and close it without the timeline finishing; or

(2) Remove the PREV and NEXT buttons from the lightbox slide properties.

FYI: I’ve already submitted this case. I’m sharing the info here in case anyone else encounters this issue.


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