Potential Storyline 360 form view bug/memory issue

Dec 07, 2016


I've been editing short SL quiz objects (10 slides or less) in SL 360, and I've been jumping between slides on form view to edit quiz answers, feedback and settings. I notice that this is quite a slow process; significantly slower than working on slide view - anyway twice now while doing this, SL360 has slowed to a crawl and stopped responding.

Looking in Task Manager, it also starts grabbing RAM progressively eating more and more. This literally just happened and it's gone from using around 450MB RAM to now 1577MB and growing still.  I can't save the file and I have to end the process, losing work.

Is this a bug you are aware of/are working on? Attached is a screen cap I took last time - it ramped up over 3GB of memory used before I ended the process.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for sharing the mp4 of the processes behavior here with us. I'd like to have you work directly with our Support Engineers so that we can gather a bit more information about your system and what else could be happening in the background of Storyline and your computer as a whole. Can you open up a support case by visiting the link here? 

Ashley greenslade

I believe AS3 is also facing the same memory issues here. 

I have a single project open with few graphics and 6 slides.

AS3 is currently chewing through 3gb of memory on my workstation and now will not save. 

If Storyline 3 wants to use so much memory, how come the newer versions are NOT being provided as 64-bit applications that would be able to take advantage of increased available memory on modern computers? 32-bit applications can only use max 3gb of memory.

When this memory cap is reached, AS3 completely stops being functional. It will not save, it will not publish. You are forced to close down every non-essential process to try and get it to save. Then you've got to shutdown and restart to clear the blockage. 

I am trialling AS3 at the moment as we were looking to upgrade our AS2 licences, but I am not convinced that it would be a wise move. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ashley and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with this. In taking a quick peek at the references above, it is something we shared with our internal teams to investigate, but seemed directly related to file size in those instances.

I welcome you to reach out to our team here as well so that we can take a look and see if we are able to replicate and perhaps gather some computer logs to see what may be going on.

Shailesh M

Hi All,

Not sure whether my problem is related to this.
I am facing the issue of slide preview and big red cross display on entire slide at some time, look like something get corrupted and can't display.

- In some slides, the preview does not display on left slide (not able to find the root cause yet) and the content only appears when I set the zoom level 100%.

- Some time it suddenly stopped working and big red box appears over the entire slide

I never faced these type of issue in SL2.



Ali Goulet

Hey Shailesh! 

Sorry you're running into that strange behavior. I'm happy to help track down the culprit here with you, and I have a couple questions to start:

  1. Where are the files you're working on saved to? Are you working locally (C:Drive or Desktop) or are they saved to a network/shared drive?
  2. Is this happening in one file in particular, or are you seeing it in multiple files?

Keep me posted!

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