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Annie Jean

Hi Ted,

I cannot help you with all of your questions but at least, I can answer the first one.

If you want a word in a text box to launch an audio file (already imported on your slide), you can easily select the word, click on Insert, and add a Hyperlink to it. The hyperlink dialog box offers the same triggers as the trigger pane.

You could also do the same by adding a transparent hotspot over the clickable word.

Hope it helps... an image is coming!!

Annie Jean

Hi Ted,

Storyline support many audio file types and mp3 is one of them.

As for the fonts, if you really are talking about changing fonts in a text box, you can change font for every single letter in a textbox, it is just long to do.

if you are talking about language support, on this one I cannot confirm anything but I know that during the beta, some have tried it with chinese and it worked. This one as to be answered by a guru

Hopte it helps and have a nice day!

Russell Still

Documentation: When you first open Storyline there are a number of examples on the right side of the opening screen. Articulate also has a good bit online. Here's a good starting point:


For a manual, I'm kind of partial to this one: www.GoStoryline.com