Power point into Articulate storyline problem

Jan 03, 2015

I am using the 30 day free trial. I am trying to follow the video that shows how to import a power point into storyline.

I am not able to find the tabs spoken of in my practice module that is suppose  to allow me to follow on with the video

I  dont seem to have the same things opening up in my tabs?

He says go to insert and in there you will be able to choose what you want to do.

When I go to Insert tab not much comes up

So I cannot follow on with the instructional video

Any advice please

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Julie

when you click the Insert tab you will see an option 'New Slide'

Click the New Slide option and you should get the following popup with different tabs. Click on the Import tab and you should see the following options.  Click PowerPoint and then browse to where your powerpoint file is.  Select All or Select None to choose the slides you want to import.

Hope this helps you

julie williams

Hi Wendy, I am sending two screen shots, the one from the ' practice file' they provide so I can do the actual thing in real time as they demonstrate it in their video.  the screen shots will show you what they have to enable them to get a  storyline new slide.

the second is the practice file ( showing in Power point )  with a completely different tabs section at the top - where I am trying to figure out where i go to in that to enable me to get into storyline and a new slide.

He takes his pointer  out of the screen view and says " now lets open up in storyline "  and this is where I cannot follow what he is clicking to allow him to get from the power point to the Storyline format

I have clicked on the articulate button on the top of the tab - still not getting what they have on their tabs view.???

Can you advise please

Regards, Julie

Wendy Farmer

Hi Julie

just replied to your email - I have found the tutorial you were watching.

What you need to do is open the trial version of Storyline - this is where you will create the new project.  The practice files you downloaded contain the files for all the tutorials not just the one you are watching.

Once you have SL open you will see the Insert tab > Insert Slide option and when you click that you will see the same screen Tom is showing in the video'

Tom is switching between Storyline and powerpoint in his tutorial.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Julie

think our emails crossed over.  The second screenshot you have sent is showing you have Articulate Presenter loaded that is why you are seeing the Articulate tab INSIDE of powerpoint.

Articulate Presenter is part of the Studio suite of products - Articulate Storyline 2.0 update 3 is a STANDALONE version that is not opened from within Powerpoint.



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