Powerful Animations in Storyline? Please share...

Jul 28, 2016

Hey everyone!

I'm aware the Storyline cannot create super powerful animations like Flash used to. I'm curious to see what others are doing to create really cool/powerful animations in Storyline. Are you using another tool (e.g. Animate CC) and then importing them into Storyline (HTML5)? If you do that, are you still able to make it interactive? 

I have a project where we need to create 3D like animations and interactions. For example, click the gas pedal to see the engine/gage rotate. 

If you have done stuff like this, either all in Storyline, or using another tool and then importing it back into Storyline, please give me a shout. Would love to chat with you!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jason -- Many thanks for your question here! I will defer to your fellow community members to share their insights and examples, but I thought I might pass along this article: Peek at 8 Dazzling E-Learning Animation Examples. And you may also want to reach out in our design-related Building Better Courses forum here, as well. Hope that helps and best of luck! 

Jerson  Campos

I used to create animation in Flash (now Animate) and import them into Storyline.  Now I use After Effects for a majority of my animations.  I found this application easier when I needed to animate characters (see below) and there were some plugins that made lip-syncing to narration easy.  I then publish this out as a video and then import to Storyline.  There have been a few occasions that I have rendered some small animations like the button below as an Animated GIF to turn it into a button to be used in SL. 

Animated Button

Jerson  Campos

Are you asking if AE can export with a custom player or HTML5 friendly format?  I believe the h.264 format is the best for HTML5. I actually don't have this codec native in AE, I use Adobe's Media Encoder to render the files if I need this format.  

Another application I use is Camtasia when I need a SCORM compliant video player.  I import the video into Camtasia, set my settings (usually 90% viewed) and then produce the video.  They have a tutorial on their site.  You can even add questions to the video if you like.  

Tim Reed


I’ve wondered that very same thing for both SL3 and Captivate. I’d like to be able to incorporate some visual representation of KPIs for learners to keep an eye on how they’re doing with the interaction/game. But, we cannot use SWF.

Since my team is all heads down and all hands in, I don’t have time to test my theory. I’m hoping someone reading has a strong enough grasp to tell if the following is even possible.

My Theory: Build in Animate, Import to SL3, and use JavaScript to maintain interactivity.

Animate produces an HTML5 compatible package. I know Captivate natively imports the content easily, but I don’t know if SL3 does. Also, both programs (Cp and SL3) support JavaScript.

I would think it’s possible, but I lack a comprehensive understanding of JavaScript and the requirements for it to function. For example: I don’t know if it’s possible to have native Storyline buttons, JavaScript written in Storyline, to affect (not just start and stop) gauges that were built in Animate and imported to SL3.

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