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Maria Costa-Stienstra
Hi Anthony!
It sounds like you’re hoping to use your PowerPoint in Storyline 360! We don’t currently have an exporting option in PowerPoint for Storyline 360, so I’d recommend another approach. Not to worry, this is actually very simple!
Here is how to import a PowerPoint to Storyline 360:
  1. Save your PowerPoint.
  2. Open Storyline 360.
  3. Click Import on the Storyline start screen and select Import PowerPoint.
  4. Go to the File tab on the ribbon, scroll to Import, and click PowerPoint.
  5. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, scroll to Import, and choose PowerPoint.
  6. Go to the Slides tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, and choose PowerPoint.
  7. Browse to the PowerPoint file you want to import and click Open.

As a side note, if you are looking for the Articulate tab in PowerPoint (from Presenter 360) and cannot find it, please follow this article's steps to enable it.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!