PowerPoint and Storyline 360

Hello everyone!

I am looking for PowerPoint gurus that can help me figure something out so I can import it into Storyline 360. I LOVE the design of the Restuarant Pitch Deck template but cannot figure out how it was done.  I want to use this template but swap out the pictures, which you cannot do, or at least I have not figured out how to do it. Can someone tell me how to make a PowerPoint look like this? 

I attached a slide for you to check out. 

Thanks a bunch!


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Amo Trigg

Hi Melissa! In PowerPoint, once you have the presentation slide on screen, go into the view menu and select 'Slide Master'. You'll see how the background is really two parts; the glass pic and the paintbrush stroked graphic. Here, you can edit the colors and pics on each slide template which will apply to your presentation slides when you exit slide master mode.