PowerPoint font is shrinking upon import to Storyline

My PowerPoint size and Storyline size are the same and Storyline is shrinking my font upon import. This seems to have just started happening since the last update. What can I do to preserve the font sizes? It doesn't even seem to be shrinking it proportionally. For instance, in one deck, the title in PowerPoint is 21 font, SL shrinks it to 17. In another deck where the title is 28 font it is also shrinking to 17. Any help/advice is appreciated.

Thank you

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Jenny Perez

Thank you Ali. I had seen that thread but the reason I am confused is because my PowerPoint and Story file are the same exact size. This just started happening late last week and the only thing I can think of that changed is I ran the last update (I typically don't run an update if I'm in the middle of a project) and this is my first one since running the update. I'm just stuck and don't know what to do next. It's very time consuming to have to reformat all the font sizes when I pull it into Storyline. Would it help if I attached my ppt file and story file for you to see?

Ali Goulet

Hi Jenny- Thanks for the additional info! That does seem a bit odd if you've never experienced it before and they're the same story size. I'de be happy to take a look at your files and do some testing. You can add them as attachments to a comment right in this thread or if you'd prefer to share them privately, you can do so here

Ali Goulet

Hi Jenny! We've received them (case number 00879916). Since you mentioned that you're now experiencing crashing while importing, I've escalated it to our Support Engineers for further investigation. They'll be reaching out to you shortly via email. I'll follow along with it and relay important info here for anyone who may find it helpful.