powerpoint importing sizing issues - storyline 2; ppt

Importing a powerpoint with a matching resolution to a storyline file results in incorrect text sizes.

PPT resolution: 11.86 in by 6.67 in

I've also tried 10 in by 5.63 (On-screen Show (16:9)) to no avail

Storyline 2 resolution: 854 by 480

In the two attached images, the transparent/faded text represents where text falls in powerpoint.

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Zollie B

Sorry for the font confusion Phil. I just swapped things out for branding purposes. And you're right, the ratios are not precise 1:1 matches, but the screen shots I've uploaded demonstrate differences much more noticeable than one might expect from a pixel or two difference. I did not experience these issues with Storyline 1.

Perhaps I'm doing this wrong, but I'm thinking about these numbers as ratios. So whether it be 11.86 by 6.67 or 10 by 5.63 or 8.89 by 5, the result is nearly the same. My goal is to determine a PPT size that will convert well into a Storyline Size of 854 by 480.

See if the attachments below highlight the problem better.

PPT is set to 8.89 by 5 inches

Storyline is set to 854 by 480 pixels

Text in grey in the screen shots represent what the text should be sizing to.