Powerpoint native interactivity

Has anyone tried importing the full spectrum of powerpoint interactivity into Storyline or Studio with 100% success?

Example.... if I click on a text or image another image or text appears or animates and with speech or sound effects.

In the spirit of Christmas, will Articulate be kind enough to extend the limited time offer to year end .....  please.

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Philip Varghese

I was searching for an eLearning tool. Tried a few, even game engines. Somehow, the flavor wasn't right.

Decided to try out trial version of Storyline.

Initially, I was concerned with the learning curve but ELH put that concern to rest.

Developed a mini demo, with favorable feedback.

Plus points are simple to use even with heavy/complex scenarios and the intelligent and rational discussions/contributions.

My heartfelt thanks to members of this community, sales and support in helping me decide to purchase Storyline.

Keep it going ladies and gents.

You Rock !!