PowerPoint slide import/duration question

I am creating a 'quick and dirty' course, nothing too fancy. It requires the importing of around 100 PPT slides, approx 10 as intro slides and then five separate scenes accessible from a menu on the last intro slide. I can do all that easily.

however, all the slides have a duration and progress without interaction (timeline duration). I unchecked the duration of slides in the PPT before importing, but it looks like Storyline 360 gives them a default? I just want users to click next or previous, no timings. Is there an easy way to do this either in the prep before import or settings i haven't found? many thanks! Theo.

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Theo Brandt

Ah! I was focussing on the triggers and didn't see the easy 'slide properties' below

Many thanks!

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Pavel Demin

Hi, I also facing problem with automatic slides switching.

I converted Story from pptx. and when I launch output html the slides automatically switching on after 5 sec,. I tried to find the setting to adjust duration or to remove the timing at all but not  succeeded.. 

(The adjustment of Duration in TRANSITION menu with further pushing "Apply to all" also does not help and just drop the slide settings which I did back to 0,5 sec.)

I do not think that it's normal behavior. By default the slides should be static and switching forward or backward when developer set such scenario but not by default after 5 sec.

Please be so kind and let me know if an solution exists beside Ctrl+a on each slides. Unfortunately I have over 1000 slides and to perform the settings manually is impossible. 


Thank you beforehand!


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Pavel, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

You can adjust the slide properties on all your slides at once. In Story View, click on your first slide, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, then click on your last slide. This will select all your slides.

On the Slide Properties window, make sure Slide Advances is set to By user.

Screen Recording 2021-03-12 at 09.18.27 AM


Let me know if this works!


Pavel Demin


Thank you for support.

I will check and feedback soon.

Best regards
Pavel Demin
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