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Nov 07, 2016


I just want to double check that the information at the URL below is the latest and greatest regarding the issues with importing PowerPoint into Storyline. I just  finished a project that was a nightmare because I had the requirement to have everything 'just exactly as it was in PowerPoint' so we ended up saving the PowerPoint slides as jpeg, copying them back into PowerPoint and then importing into Storyline, which if we had only done once would have been fine, but we did it I think a million times.



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Ali Goulet

Hi Jill,

I'm sorry you ran into so much trouble when importing your PowerPoint slides into Storyline! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here and the process you used. Sounds like it was quite a tedious endeavor!

That link you shared is up-to-date for Storyline 1. If you're using Storyline 2, you'll want to refer to this one instead. Since PowerPoint and Storyline have different functionalities and features, there are going to be features from PPT that won't carry over exactly into Storyline, as you've encountered. These articles detail which ones to be aware of with some additional details for each specifically. 

Please let me know if you have questions! If you want to share more details on what wasn't importing exactly for you specifically, perhaps others in the community will be able to chime in with tricks they've discovered along the way to streamline that process a little, as well. :)

Ali Goulet

Hi Jill,

Since the features that you're seeing change are specific PowerPoint features, purchasing Presenter won't change how they import into Storyline 2. If you add Presenter elements into the PowerPoint before importing into Storyline, you'll still have to be aware of features in Presenter and PowerPoint not supported in Storyline 2 as detailed in the article I shared above. So the quick answer is no. The softwares all differ in features and functionality so it will never be an exact one-to-one conversion.

Hope that helps clarify a bit more! 

Cathy Twarog


I have StoryLine 2 and I cannot import PowerPoints at all.  I can select the file, but the screen freezes (it never displays the slides).  Then the entire app freezes - I have to close via the Task Manager.  I have uninstalled, run the cleanup, reinstalled the app and Flash as well as MS .NET Framework, and have run the app as an administrator.  I have done this many times.  I am beyond frustrated and am not sure where to go from here.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I've tried:




Nothing works.  Any help is appreciated!



Wendy Farmer

Hey Cathy sorry to hear you're having trouble. When you reply via email or attach anything it doesn't display in the forum - you'll need to come in and post using the Add attachment button. 

Also just to let you know when you reply via email you signature details display so you can come and select edit to delete them if you don't want them displayed.

If you are still having trouble after working through the tips in the article above you may need to submit a case to Articulate to help you out.

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