PPT Slides Appear and Disappear While Video Plays

Feb 07, 2018

Hi all,

I have a video of someone giving a lecture w/ 28 PowerPoint slides. I would like to have each slide appear while he is referring to it then close. This means I need the video to keep playing.

I would like to avoid saving each of the slides as pictures and animating them in and out since there are so many. Using a layer for each slide presents the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Walt Hamilton

I do this a lot, and for me, by far the easiest way is to cut the video to correspond to the slides. One PPT slide = one SL slide, and add the video. That way I can add animations, interactions, and it is far easier to keep track of what is supposed to be going on at any one time.

I use MS MovieMaker to cut the video; it's free and works well for this.

Load in the whole video, find the end of slide 1, split it at that point, remove the rest, and save slide 1 for computer (.mp4). Then undo (which undoes the deletion), and you have the two pieces of the video. Remove slide 1, and look for the end of Slide 2. Repeat. You can split a long video pretty quickly.

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