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Our company purchased an LMS and we are now in the process of converting older PowerPoint presentations to Storyline360.  The problem is many of the "hotspots," animations, etc. in PowerPoint do not work when we convert and upload the PPT to Storyline360.  Does anyone have a method to correctly convert a PPT presentation so it is a "mirror image" in Storyline360?  Thank you.

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I don't know that there is a single great answer to this. SL, while PowerPoint like in many of it's functions, is not 100% PowerPoint compatible. Different software makers, different purposes. This will always lead to "that isn't how it was in PowerPoint" results.  
There are some things you can do to mitigate this.

  1. Anything that can be converted to a shape in PowerPoint probably SHOULD be converted to a shape prior to import.  SmartArt, for example,  does not translate well to SL. That doesn't mean you can't use it to do rapid creation in PP, just be sure to convert it to shapes before import. (Right click on the SmartArt -> select "Convert to Shapes" in the drop down). 
  2. Add hot spots and navigation in SL not PowerPoint. This is just my own preference but I would be surprised if it wasn't that of other SL users as well. Use PowerPoint to create the slide (elements) and SL to create the interactivity.
  3. Learn the animations used/available in SL and only use their PowerPoint counterpart. Not every animation is supported.  That being said, with triggers and motion paths and states, etc, you can do so much more in SL than PowerPoint (see prior suggestion).

I'm sure other community members can add to this list but hopefully this helps get you started.

Tom Kuhlmann

Another consideration:

I recommend taking the time to build it properly in Storyline. As Owen noted, use Storyline's features to build the interactivity. Personally, I'd only use the PowerPoint import to bring the content in, but I wouldn't want what I did in PowerPoint to dictate how to build the course in Storyline.

With that said...

  1. In the training page, we have a webinar we just did on converting PowerPoint to e-learning that may provide some ideas.
  2. If you have a bunch of PowerPoint files, you can use Studio 360 (which is part of Articulate 360) and that may be easier. You'd get everything easily converted to an interactive e-learning course. And then later, spend time updating the ones you need in Storyline. Or, start with Studio to get them all moved over. And then slowly, get them updated to Storyline. Here's a webinar on how to get started with Presenter in Studio 360.