Practical difference between layers and new screens

As a bit more than a beginner and a lot less than an expert, I can't figure out whether the difference between layers, even lightboxes and new screens is aesthetic or more practical. I can see how lightboxes differ aesthetically, but I think I may have missed the point/ points with regards to the benefits of layers. 

Realising that you can produce the same effect with a similar amount of work makes me question why I'm adding multiple triggers to hide objects in the base layer when I could just add a new slide instead.

I'm missing something, right?   

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I will give it a shot to answer ;0)

There is a good orientation to Layers here:

Layers are helpful when you want to be able to control what appears when, on the slide you are on (i.e. feedback, a build, or click reveal interactions to name a few). Layers are also useful when creating intricate interactions vs. trying to control or manage (show/hide) everything on the main timeline of the slide.  

In regard to adding a new slide, this would break up the flow in situations mentioned above.  Typically I like to put one interaction per slide, be it a simple slide with text and image or audio, or a complex interaction.  Sometimes more than one slide is useful with scenarios or branching exercises.

Hope that helps a bit!

Steve Hazelton

Jeff put it well. I like to use use layers to bring in 2 or 3 objects where I want to control the timing of the appearance but don't want overlap cluttering the main slide. I use separate slides for situations like where there is content to be read and people may want to read at different speeds - they just click the Next button when ready.

On the other hand, I have found that putting stuff on layers can be frustrating when you are looking back through the slides of an old course in Story View, looking for that particular screen shot or image that you know is hiding out there somewhere. So I now use layers a lot less than i used to.

However, I have been known to use layers when I have someone who wants a lot of stuff covered but also likes to count slides to make sure the course isn't "too long". I mean, if they really want the whole course done with all of their wording detail in just 10 slides, let's face it - I can build that course in ONE slide!