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Joanne Gruttner

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for checking in on my enquiry. For some odd reason, I can't seem to find that link. It was in the "Getting started" series that I accessed from my Articulate Storyline software (liked online). In the future, I will copy the url for better clarity.

Also, I was just watching a few demo videos on creating various effects on the graphics, such as blurring images. But, in AS, I can't seem to find where that feature is to apply to my images/screens.

Also, one more question. As much as this site has tons of resources - very generous - I was considering purchasing the Learn Articulate Storyline book by Stephanie Harnett. Do you know if this is the most recent, and are her exercises/demos the same as I'll find on this site? So, I'm looking for advice on any resources that can help me learn the details of using the features in AS. The site is great, but it's hard to search for a demo or a topic when I'm not really sure what it is that I want to be able to do.

Do you have any recommendations to help a newbie learn AS?

Thanks for any support you can offer!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joanne,

I haven't actually read the book you mentioned, although I've heard a number of users discuss it here and have recommended it. Here is a blog post where Tom Kuhlmann discusses that book and shares a few templates.

All the Storyline tutorials are linked here, and you'll see the Getting Started up at the top. There isn't a "blur" feature within Storyline, but there is a forum thread here on how to do it outside of Storyline.

Also, the search feature of the forums is not always working correctly, so you may want to use a search method such as the one Adrian describes here.

As far as how to get started, I'd look into the weekly challenges as an opportunity to test your skill and see how others have created a similar project.

Hope that helps get you started!

Joanne Gruttner

Hi Ashely,

Sorry for not responding or acknowledging your reply sooner. I only saw it because I logged into my account today to send an email to Tom.

Thanks for the tidbits and orientation to the site.

I'm not sure how all of your interactions with the public works, so I've decided to copy to you what I sent to Tom. I'm looking for design ideas or templates to get my creative mojo moving forward :-)

Please, let me know if there is a better or preferred approach to asking for help and resources. I just thought you Super Heroes (rather go to the entire forum) might be the best person to ask since you are intimate with all the lesson/demos or templates on the Articulate site.

This is a bit long since I want to create a good picture of what I'm looking to accomplish...

I'm looking for template or instructional design ideas for two issues since I'm having a bit of challenge with blending technology and creativity.
Originally, I was designing a large Introduction to IM Awareness (a foundational course introducing all the IM pieces) for a government client.
It was designed to have 5 Sections. Being government of Canada, it is an exceptionally slow internal process so, the manager thought to shift gears and focus on one of the Sections and turn it into a stand-alone module to demonstrate what Articulate can do.
Then later integrate an introductory aspect of it into the larger Intro/foundational Course.
My thought with the original Course was to have a Course Overview outlining the Sections and lesson topics.
Then go into a 5 tab slide (which you helped me create in the previous emails) with each tab introducing a scenario for each Section. Each section would have a different person representing that topic, introducing a workplace issue that the Section will provide info/a solution to. To keep continuity with the characters in each section, the Section overview, summary, and end of the Section Quiz will be led by that character.
Then, later down the road, there will be some stand-alone modules developed for those Sections that need employees to go deeper with understanding/performance on the policy or job function.
This is where I'm a bit at odds. So, this stand-alone Module - is a spin off of Section 2 in the larger Course (Creating Information Resources with Business Value). Sort of like putting the horse before the cart. I figure if that is what the client wants at this time, then this is what I'll deliver. This way I get to play with Articulate Storyline, and get a smaller course developed for my portfolio
1) My brain is split on trying to find a common look and feel for the larger Foundation Course and this stand-alone module. I'm looking for a slide / template to use as the Course outline (listing sections / lessons). Then use the same one for the subsequent modules (starting with the one I"m working on now). I don't wan to change design again for the larger course as I want the same look and feel for all the training interventions/products.
2) Another design issue I'm struggling with - or looking for a template/idea/ concept for is:
there is one lesson where I need to introduce a business information architect module that is used to create/store records/documents in corporate repository (electronic filing system). So this lesson introduces layered info so the learners can do an activity that helps them understand how this activity relates to their daily work - creating records that have business value to the Government of Canada.
Level 1: It starts with listing the 9 branches in our department.
Level 2: then introduces the list of all organizational top level and mandated Functions (like internal services as such - finance, hr, IT, etc. over 20 of them)
Level 3: introduces the facets or the types of attributes found in the corporate repository that they would fill in to create the document, i.e. subjects, activities, types of documents, date created, etc. (gives identifiers to the record being created)
Level 4: shows lists of the types of activities they would perform if they were in a specific Function - i.e. project design, research, project delivery, transfer, crop production, (each of the 20 Functions has a unique list of activities)
Level 5: The type of document they would create for their group (branch) that would have business value to their project/group (i.e. agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.)
So, essentially they will be introduced to the various groups of info that comprises the business information architect info, then have an activity where they will see what kind of record they are creating that will have business value to their branch -
a) locate their branch,
b) the function they provide as a service
c) Identify the activities specific to their group
d) show the list of types of documents their activities would create - these types of docs would be considered having Business value information for their group.
e) then demonstrate how they would save that document in a corporate repository.
I'm not experienced enough with Articulate or PowerPoint to know how I can create drop down menus or how to have the learner interact with the info, so this is where I'm seeking ideas, guidance on a simple approach to have the learners interact with the info to reach their own conclusion.
I realize this is a very long email with lots of info and loaded questions. So, if off the top of your head you know of a template or design concept that I could play around with, I would be most grateful.
In appreciation,
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joanne,

No apologies necessary - the replies to forum threads do not come automatically, you'll want to subscribe at the top of any thread you reply to to be notified via email.

In regards to your other questions, I'm mostly focused on support issues related to our software, where as Tom may have more insight into design. There are a number of threads with templates and design ideas within the Building Better courses forum. You may also want to repost this query there.

Feel free to let us know if you need anything else and good luck on your project!