Pre and Post quiz solution


I've been searching the community for a solution for the pre and post quiz (two different questionbanks), but have not seen a workarounds for Storyline 360. So, same scenario:

  1. Pre-test
    • if passed > mark complete in LMS
    • if didn't pass > take the course
  2. post -test > passed > mark complete in LMS

For LMS reporting, Storyline 360 only uses one quiz result. I don't want to 'Compare' the results. How do I use the logic so LMS would mark the course completion using either score trigger. Appreciate any support.

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Sam Hill

Hi Maryam, you could use a completion trigger to complete the course rather than a Results slide. You can still process your individual Pre-test and Post-test quizzes on their Results slide. You just need to add a manual completion trigger to the results slide, for example if the user passes the Pre-test, add a completion trigger to the Success layer.

When you publish the module, you just ensure tracking is based on the completion trigger.

Let me know if you need anymore information.