Pre and Post Test...Pre test showing previous answers that can't be changed.


The attached is an example of a lesson with pre and post testing.

The intent: pass the pre test, skip the corresponding lesson.

The issue: when they don't pass and complete the lesson, they circle back to the same test that shows their previous answers.  This is good.  The answers can't be changed.  This is bad.

Can someone help?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kesha

I'm on a slow connection so it is taking ages to download your .story file. I have created a sample of what I think you are trying to do.  I have a reset results trigger on a button on the failure layer of the result slide - when clicked this resets their results back to 0 and takes them back to the content slide to begin the module.

Wendy Farmer

The slide properties in the bottom right corner of each quiz slide - they can be set to what happens when the learner revisits the slide.  If they are set to 'resume saved state' then the answers will be locked in, they need to be set to 'reset to initial state' or 'automatically decide' - which is the default by SL.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kesha,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I took a look and it seems that you don't have any retry buttons on your results slides - and if you'd like to have that only be an option if they pass the test you could look at placing it on the Success layer only. In regards to the ability to retry the questions on a revisit - the retry functionality as Wendy showed (with the retry button) is one option, or if you have the slides property set to "reset to initial state" when they revisit the questions they'll be able to attempt them again. It's worth noting that if they were to revisit them by accident, they'd still have to answer again as it will reset your results slide as well. 

Let us know if after taking a look at Wendy's example if you need any additional assistance. 

Kesha Dawson

Thanks Wendy and Ashley.

I will review your example and see what happens when I try to duplcatie it.

Quick question about "reset to initial state"...this will reset the entire lesson correct? Meaning, if the user has to log out and return to the lesson at a later time/date, they won't have the option to resume where they left off correct?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kesha,

The "reset to initial state" will only reset that particular slide where you've enabled the slide property as such. So it's not necessarily resetting the whole quiz, but just the individual question when they revisit it - the user should be able to change their answer again and the question would look as if they hadn't previously seen in. You can read more about the slide properties here and how the different items will behave. If you want the entire course to reset when a user leaves, you should look into setting it to not resume as described here. 

Hope that helps clarify!