Pre and Post Test Results

Good Afternoon All,

A good deal of hunting has shown that, at the moment, Storyline doesn't have any way of posting multiple test results (Hoping for a pre and post course result for ROI reasons)

Just wondering if anyone out there has come up with any ingenious ideas other than a completely separate course just to host the pre-test.

Any ideas gratefully received!

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Stephen Cone

Hi Adrian,

I'm going to assume that you're developing content for an LMS using SCORM 1.2 and that LMS fully supports SCORM 1.2.  As there is no built-in trigger for the approach I'm suggesting (feature request already submitted), either yourself or someone you work with will need to be comfortable enough with JavaScript to make this work. 

In lieu of the default behavior, you'll want to perform the following actions:

  1. Create (3) separate resutls slides. The first two results slides can be the built-in results slides and should be used for the pre-test and post.  The third results slide most likely will be a manual results slide, which you'll use to send the student's overall score back to the LMS.
  2. Use conditional triggers for the third results slide to determine what score is returned to the LMS.  This will allow you to determine how you want the final users score reported back to the LMS.  The third results slide is what you'll define as the "official" tracking results page
  3. On the first two results slides, use a JavaScript trigger to call the lmsAPI.SetObjectiveScore, lmsAPI.SetObjectiveStatus, lmsAPI.SetObjectiveDescription functions.  These functions will define and set a course-level objective that will hold the results of your pre-test and post-test scores.

    For example, lmsAPI.SetObjectiveStatus("Pre-Test",LESSON_STATUS_NOT_ATTEMPTED);

When everything works correctly, you should see two course-level objectives and one interaction level score status for your course, again assuming your LMS handles the course-level objectives properly.

Please note that to the best of my knowledge, LMSAPI function calls are currently unsupported by Articulate.

I hope this helps,


Zio Fonta

i'm very interested in this, to understand if i can call a javascript to set some specific value of certain variables that my customer asks to track into moodle.

here there is an example of a correct tracking for another scorm (not Storyline developed)

i tried calling a javascript on the first slide, at timeline begins:






then o called a javascript on the timeline end of the first slide, i.e.:


but after publishing the scorm, no tracking on those variables. Am i missing something? is it correct to set incomplete without using quotes?  am i supposed also to sed a

thank you for any feedback