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Jul 11, 2013

Hi everyone, 

I am a Storyline newbie and I was have slowly figured out how to create a link at the end of the presentation so that users can email someone in HR that they have completed the course.  I have the trigger set, but that is it.  

I was hoping that I could link a pre-populated email that also allows that user to write comments at the end of the email before sending.  

Does anyone know how I would go about doing this? 

Thank you, 


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Sara Reller

When you have your Trigger Wizard open and you have the "Send email to" set there should be a box under that for the default email.

Alternately if you are looking to have a filled out e-mail if you linked (on an intranet maybe?) to a .oft (outlook form template) that would open up an outlook e-mail with whatever you had decided filled out. This will work fine if everyone who will be using this uses outlook.

If you don't all use outlook (or another completely consistent e-mail program that is a separate computer program, gmail or web based won't work here) something like an embedded google form on your final page could give you the information you wanted about having completed the class. (Someone had posted a great how to on this but I'm having trouble with the search function which seems borked at the moment.)

Mike Hargesheimer

I am attempting to complete the same situation as Julia...I have an email template saved in a common folder that I want my peeps to open via tigger  to send after completing the course. My question is how do I link to the template? What do I key into the "email" field so that the trigger will automatically open the email template?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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