Pre/post Assessment - can this be done?

Nov 21, 2017

Hi lovely people.

I've had the following request from a client, and was wondering the best way/best options to address it. 

”We would like to measure what difference the e-learning modules have made in terms of the users learning. We were thinking about incorporating a short pre- and post-training questionnaire/test into the e-learning modules, to gauge experience/knowledge before and after completing the training. We’re thinking probably three questions relating to “how much do you know about/are you confident with X, rate 1 to 5”.

Would it be possible to build something like this into the e-learning modules themselves, and get people to take them at the start of the module and end of the module? And if so, how would the results be tracked? Would it be possible to track the results within the e-learning module, or would this be something we would have to check with our clients learning platform who measure the module metrics (i.e. completion rate etc.)?"

I'm thinking this is classic "Likert Scale" territory.

Saying this, I don't think it's going to be possible to include pre AND post-course assessments in one course at the start and finish, but not sure! I'm wondering if the best way to do this is have separate "modules" before an after which consist of the 3 questions, then they will have to use the LMS to export scores and names to Excel, to get the comparison reports.

Are Likert Scale scores reportable? I seem to remember that there were issues with this a few years back?

I'd appreciate any hints and ideas as I've never had to do this before, and any best-practice experience would be highly appreciated. 

Thanks folks.


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David Tait

Hi Bruce,

I'm not overly technical so apologies if what I suggest won't work but if the pre and post tests are simple MCQs, have you considered building them straight in to the LMS?

You could then potentially set the pre-test as a prerequisite that must be attempted before the eLearn becomes available and then make the post test available on completion of the eLearn.

Bruce Graham

Hi David, and thanks for the reply.

Something like that IS one way of doing it. No need for the whole "pass before taking the course" thing, but I DO need to have some sort of comparison. I think I possibly COULD do one Likert at the start of the course, then one at the end of the course, and concatenate the scores in some way, but I think mathematical comparison of Qs 1, 2, 3 and Qs 4, 5, 6 would need to be done even externally to the LMS. 

Just not sure at the moment, and have not had time to play around as on another project for now!

Thanks again :)

Walt Hamilton

I'm certain you could do this in SL, but you would probably have to build everything from scratch, even the Likert questions. A little creativity, a million variables, and lots of time, and it could be done. It might be faster with some JS.

I like David's suggestion. In an LMS, these wheels are already designed, and probably the client is (or has somebody that is)  accustomed to pulling that sort of thing out of it.

Plus, if they build the pre- and post- they can tweak them to exactly what they want to learn. That's not something that is always perfect the first try.

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