Pre & Post Testing

Feb 20, 2014


I just read this tutorial - very nice.  Thank you. 

To confirm, I can create a pre-test that my end user can take and if they pass it, I can use branching at the end of the pre-test to take them to the end of the course and have LMS mark them as passed.  And then for those that don't pass the pre-test, they are then sent to the beginning of the course.  At the end of the course, those that took the course, will have to take the post-test, of which they can take as many times as they need to until they pass the test. At which point the LMS will be notified that they passed the course.  Right?

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Lisa Rothrauff

Hi Allison,

I am going to do something similar. My hope is to have users either take the course or do a pretest that points them to the course or to a specific part of it, depending on how they do in the pretest. I'd really like to have users take the course if they want or dip into the parts they need to brush up on rather than have the whole course be required. Might be great to exchange ideas/notes in more detail? 

Good luck!

Simon Perkins

One way to do this would be to have only one test that sends a score to the LMS.  You can then prefix it in two ways; one for pre-test and one for post-test.  All you need do is use different slide(s) or whatever as your introduction to the test.  Then, by customising your feedback OR Results slide you can style it towards pre-test feedback and post-test feedback, depending on which type of test was taken.

Does that help?

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