Pre sales questions - no reply from email to sales

Oct 19, 2012

Hi guys

I am hoping it is OK to ask a pre sales Q here as the email I sent to sales 3 days ago has had no reply and you Heroes replied to my previous post most helpfully


I have recently been exploring your SL product with a view to purchase - initially to convert current ppt to ipad viewable versions for current courses, then start using it 'properly' for new content later on.
Unfortunately my trial expired before I had completed my testing, but what I did find was the SL text editing is currently very basic - SL loses all my bullets which were in ppt presentations and bullets have no options to change from plain circle in SL, so every single bullet has to be manually added using 'symbol' :-(
This brings me to a question re purchasing - from the website, it looks like I would have to pay 50% again for any upgrades to the product - or sign up to an additional yearly subscription to include these.
As SL is a very new product, with only basic capability in some areas (though advanced in others!) does that mean that I would have to pay another 50% of initial cost every time some extra function - such as bullet formatting capability - is added?
I also wanted to ask about payment - What payment methods do you accept, I cannot find it on your website anywhere.
Many thanks
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