Jul 09, 2012


I'm developing a pre-test using Articulate or Captivate with these conditions:

There are five modules in the course

After the pretest, learners will be asked which of the five modules should be taken

Learners can either do not need to take any of the modules or all of the modules.

Each module would be separately packaged in SCORM 

After taking each course, the Learners are taken to the pre-test results page

I'm particularly having a difficulty in "communicating" with the LMS on how to code in such a way that learners would be taken back to the results page with ticked modules. Looking at the possibility of just giving an output of microsoft word to guide them on which modules they need to take. They would be responsible on which modules to take.

Any thoughts?

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Andrew Elder

Welcome to Heroes, Bev! What you're describing (course with multiple modules, customized navigation to guide users and allow some free-form nav, inserting quizzes and results, etc) is the bread and butter of Articulate Storyline.

  1) You can create your course to begin with your initial pre-test as a Quiz moving to a Results slide that summarizes their pre-test performance. Check out the tutorial on creating quizzes.

  2) The next slide could be your Home slide as it were. You can lock access to this slide until they have completed the pre-test. The Home slide could feature branching paths to the other modules you've created, and you can specify if the order of access is open or restricted and if any or all are required for completion of the overall course. You have lots of control over restricting navigation.

  3) On the nuts and bolts front, you have lots of tools to do what you're describing. You'll use Triggers to direct user actions (navigation, accessing content, jumps, etc) including jumping back to the Home slide upon completion of a course, Layers to add interactivity and respond to user input, and States to indicate changes in content (such as change the appearance of the module buttons on the Home screen when a module is completed).

  4) Getting it all out there, you'll be able to Publish your course in a variety of ways, including web, iPad, and LMS (which would let you package your modules individually to SCORM).

If you haven't already, download the trial and check it out. Enjoy!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Bev and welcome to Heroes! Some of your questions would need to be directed at your LMS. For example, course sequencing would be a function of your LMS. If you wanted to track the pre-test and each separate module you would have to build these out as separate Storyline presentations and then use the built in sequencing in your LMS to achieve directing a user from one course to another. 

It's unlikely you would be able to have someone go back to the results page of a test that is a separate content item in your LMS since completion typically means you are exiting the content before moving to the next content item. 

What specifically do you wan to track? Just a pre-test? A cumulative post-test? The number of slides viewed? All of these things will play a role in determining how to create this project. 

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