Pre-test/Post-test and who took what

Here's a challenge for the experts.

I have created courses that have multiple tests in them.  The work around is a final slide that acts as a course completer.  The SME is satisfied with a "complete" record in the LMS as opposed to needing individual test scores.

To get this to the next level, I have a SME that would like a Pre-test so expert users can test out.  Newbies would likely fail the pre-test (or skip it) and would view the course content and then pass the post-test.  I know how to set this up if I could convince the SME to accept "complete" or "incomplete" in the record.  They, however, want to know 1) if they passed via the pre- or post-test and 2) what was their score?  Metrics on this would allow them to see the percentages of users being able to opt out vs those that view the entire course.

Any brilliance or cold hard conformation that this is beyond software/LMS capabilities?

*gets the popcorn ready* 



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