Preferentially opening html5 from SCORM output

Mar 03, 2014

I am developing a course where storyline output is uploaded as SCORM items into Moodle. The storyline output includes the html5 version. Is it possible to change some settings etc to preferentially open html5 version without looking for the flash version. A lot of the desktops which will be used by students at our institution have flash installed (but disabled) and the html5 version does not automatically load. HTML5 versions run well when they are simply opened as hyperlinks (outside the SCORM pacakge). However we want to retain the SCORM activity scoring and do not want to hyperlink. Can this be done. Or can the output be generated solely as html5?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Indranil,

There isn't a way to only publish for HTML5, and the version the user sees is based on the device they've used to access the course.  Also, I know from my experience with SCORM Cloud, there isn't a way to direct the user to the story_html5.html version instead of the regular story.html link which will determine which version to show the users based on above. You'll also want to make sure that they're accessing from one of the supported HTML5 browsers here

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