Presenter content distorted when imported into Storyline

Created a Presenter/PowerPoint file. Imported this into Storyline as part of a project (we have purchased 360). The text, images, and color are distorted when this is imported. 16x9 size is maintained in both Storyline and Presenter.

We have attempted to work with technical support at Articulate but they have told us that our problem is not a "high priority" and will "not be addressed by the development team at this time".


To those who want to help, here's the issue in depth:

I've also included an image to identify the problem.

Further details of the problem (step by step):

Step One: This is an example of me creating something quickly in Articulate Presenter/PowerPoint (as the image on the right of the screen shows). I applied the "Vibrance" Theme to this project.

Step Two: Then, I created a new Storyline project. Applied the "Vibrance" Theme and then imported the Presenter file that I had just created.

Results: Upon import, the font, color of the font, images/shapes, have been lost from the Presenter file. They are not the same at all. The shapes behind the text became distorted in Storyline (as the screenshot shows; image on the left of the screen).

This example shows that there is something either wrong with import, wrong with Articulate, or something else.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Allison. Thanks for reaching out again on this issue. I took a glance at your case, too. I see where Bret has been working with you, developing workarounds and making sure this issue gets into the hands of our QA team for further inspection.

We have been discussing this issue as a team with them, so I wanted to assure you that it is being taken seriously. I can understand where using the same aspect ratio with PowerPoint and Storyline would create an expectation that the content will import in kind.

Thanks for sharing this information in the community, also. That will certainly help us to gauge customer impact which enables us to best prioritize our work. We’ll be sure to share more information with you in your case and here in the forums.