Presenter vs. Storyline Player

We are relatively long time Presenter users (though not so much lately) and have tentatively decided to do a current project in Storyline. Our use and testing so far is positive but a number of questions arise about the visual and functional player. I couldn't find a lot of reference in the forum or help (maybe I missed it so if it exists I am happy to have someone point me to the discussions).

Questions that arise:

  1. Is it possible to import directly the player attributes from a Presenter production so that custom colours are maintained?
  2. Many of the elements of the Presenter player specifically:
    -control buttons allowing the user to control the size of the viewing window (by hiding TOC and bottom control bar)
    -elapsed/total time display
    -slide timing and state
    seem not to exist (or at least not by default). Is there some way to get some or all of these elements back?

I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Presenter and Storyline are very different products, and you would not be able to import player settings from one to the other.

If a PowerPoint presentation includes Articulate Presenter resources, the Presenter player tabs, text labels, colors, etc. won't be imported into Articulate Storyline when you import the presentation. You'll need to configure player settings in the Storyline player instead.

The toggle buttons for the user view was a feature in Presenter '09 and is not a feature of Storyline or the newest Presenter '13 product.

Storyline is a complex tool and the duration of a specific slide or the entire course can vary depending upon the amount of interactivity, layers, complex branching scenarios, and more that are present.  Thus, it's very difficult to calculate it, and is not a feature.

I'm not sure of what you mean by 'slide timing and state' though, so if you could elaborate perhaps I could address that as well.

Brian Sullivan

Presenter used to include the current slide total time and the time played so far so I am guessing that since other time is "very difficult to calculate" this also has been eliminated.

Many of our productions were designed to run automatically from start to end with no required intervention so these timings were useful information.

How is the time for lessons determined for SCORM manifests under the current strategy?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Your LMS may be able to provide approximate time for you, but it is not built into Storyline.

The other content should be included in the search as well as explained in this article.

Search: Mark this box to include a search field on the Menu tab of your player. Learners can use this to search for content within your slides or slide notes. Keep in mind that because the Search field is part of the Menu tab, it'll only appear in your published course if you've marked Menu in the Player Tabs area of the Player Properties window.