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Hi there, I've inherited some older learning courses that were produced in presenter with engage interactions and flv format video clips. I have little experience with this way of building learning content. With the elimination of flash player in a few months, how can I convert these old presenter files into Storyline 360 format so I can publish without flash player? 

Any help appreciated. 


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Tom Kuhlmann

Do you have the source files [.intr]? If so, you should be able to bring them into Engage 360 and publish them. 

If you have the published output you can find the media files in the published folder.

Personally, I'd rebuild them in Storyline since the Engage interactions are mostly click and read and easy enough to build. Inserting the .flv should convert to .mp4 when published.

Depending on the type of interaction, you may find Rise 360 to work well since it has many of the same interactions and it's easy to build the course.

If you want to share an example of what they look like, we could probably offer some ideas.

Jaclynn Smaylis

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the files and they are in engage 360 already. When it upgraded it broke some of the content. I am trying to reinsert some of the content and it keeps throwing an error and shutting down on me. If you have access to drop box, I can share the files through that platform?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jaclynn, 

Thanks for sharing the updated information and the fact that you're running into errors with your files as well.

You are welcome to share your files here with your reply by sharing the link or using the 'Add Attachment' button below the reply window. If you need to share your files privately, you may do so with our team here and the files will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Michelle Bridges

Hi there. I'm curious as to the outcome of Jaclynn's query as I'm working with a client who has a similar issue. They have an old Presenter file in which they have used Quizzmaker. They have all the files and wish to simply make a few minor edits and republish it to their LMS. However, if we try to do anything with it, such as to try convert it into a new format, it crashes. In case this helps, the file opens in Compatability Mode also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks!

Katie Riggio

Hi Jaclynn,

Thank you for sharing your files with our team! 

I know you worked closely with Jose on this a while back, and I'm sorry to hear about the missing interactions and media. We welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you and find any possible solutions.

Hello Michelle,

I'm very sorry to hear you're facing this problem as well. We'd love to help and understand the cause of the crash during upgrading in your scenario. If you could share the files with our Support Engineers, do let us know: