Preserving a quiz score while keeping quiz answers out of resume

I have a long course (about 160 slides) with a 25 question semi-random assessment at the end.  The SCORM 1.2 resume data limit causes the user to resume in the middle of the assessment, since the data gets truncated.  I would like the assessment to function as it would in Quizmaker/Presenter - the score is submitted, but the assessment questions and answers are not saved in the resume data.  If I reset the assessment before exiting, the score is marked as zero.  And any code that relies on changing a variable at the end of the assessment gets truncated as part of the resume data buffer problem.  So my question would be, is there a way to set up a graded storyline quiz to function as an inserted quizmaker quiz has - the score recorded but not saved as part of the resume data.  Or any other solution.

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